Wednesday, August 10, 2011

day 55 - Wednesday

Oh I got a bit of crafting in tonight.  Imade new dress form tags and got the design down.  I just have to rework the outfit for the dress form.  I then need to embelish the tag a little more...then done.  I can think of so many ideas if I just had this or that.  You know those feelings....followed by a big trip to the craft store...I am just trying to find something in my stash that would work.  I wish I had a big bag of black feathers in my stash - that would make the tag perfect.  That is the only hint you get for now.  I have to see if they work out first, before I go to my next plan....So it will probably be Friday before I finish these. much to little time.


1 comment:

  1. Be strong, Kelley! You will find something to use from your stash! I know you will!!! Keep those ideas/project flowing!!