Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 63

Worked, studied for the exam and worked on CAKE.  So I have everything cut from the Cricut.  I liked the box in general on the Sweet Tooth cartridge, but I didn't think it was elegant enough for what I was doing so I ditched the two "cake" pieces  for the side and decided to make the body cake colored, add one small strip or ribbon for filling, a strip to the back for icing and emboss the top and back piece.  It is looking pretty good.  I am starting to assemble.  I like it I think.  I wanted more variation in the layers, but I think it still looks good.  The bottom layer pieces are huge.  I whish I could keep them the same size but not be so tall.  Oh well it is almost done.  Hopefully pictures tomorrow or saturday morning.  I don't have to leave for the reception saturday until 5pm.  So that is awesome.

I want to be done with cake so I can work on swaps.

Have a great night.  Kel

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  1. Waiting with great anticipation for your cake post!