Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 58 Saturday

So I crafted with Kristin from the Cricut mb. It is fun to meet new people. I also skype crafted with Cindy this morning.  So I slept on the tags and I am not quite ready to give up on them.  I think it needs black feathers.  Does someone have an idea of how I can make these better with something I might have in my stash?

So I think I am on crafter overload.  I am wiped out.  I should be working on my nephew's paper wedding cake for his party favors for Saturday...again no delivery.  The company said the order went out and I should of had it Friday or today. Arg....if it doesn't come by Monday I will just have to go to craft warehouse.  It is such a bummer.  I really wanted to work on it this weekend.

Have a great night.


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