Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 69

Ok....just a few more late nights, then I need to start getting more sleep.  I think I need serious help...I am addicted to the swaps on the MB.  I keep saying I need to pull back, but then before I know it....I am signing up for everything.  I did decide to sit out one swap this round, but signed up for a bazzilion other ones.  I love the thirill and anticipation of waiting for a partner.  I love to meet new people and trying new things.  Once in a while I am intimidated by their choice at first, but eventually figure it out.  The first time I got a partner that liked vintage, I freaked out.  I didn't know what to do....it went great though.  Now I need to figure out what victorian is.  Wow...definitely a challenge.  Tomorrow is going to be busy....I have to finish one dress form and then do another and get ready to mail on thursday. 

I was proud of myself today though, instead of running to the store to buy something I wanted for the dressform tag...I made something that would work using my stash.  It actually came out kind of cool.  I will post pics hopefully tomorrow or Thursday depending on time.


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  1. Kelley, you are the "Use My Stash" Queen! I am amazed at how much you are creating with what you have! What fun to see your creations!!